What’s the latest with ConstructAI? Explore our news on recent upgrades and features.

Session Sharing

Introducing the latest feature for ConstructAI, Session Sharing. This enhancement will allow you to share your chat sessions with other users, making collaboration and information sharing easier than ever.

So, why share your chat sessions? Benefit from enhanced collaboration and share insights, project details and industry knowledge seamlessly with your team. Use your shared sessions as a training tool for new team members or as a mentorship resource. Keep a record of important discussions and decisions made during your projects, with your shared sessions serving as a valuable reference for future projects or audits.

People Search Powered by Bing

We are excited to announce the latest enhancement to our services with the integration of ConstructAI’s People Search, powered by Bing. This new feature is designed to streamline the process of finding detailed information about key figures in the UK construction industry and related sectors.

Whether you need insights on potential partners, want to monitor competitors, or stay informed about industry leaders, our People Search integration offers direct access to comprehensive and current information.

Search for Water Discharge Exemptions, Water Discharges and Flood Risk Exemptions

ConstructAI are now able to announce more on the integration with the Environment Agency’s public registers, this time focusing on Water Discharge Exemptions, Water Discharges and Flood Risk Exemptions. This expands the existing integration and provides our users with direct access to current information, to facilitate better decision-making and ensuring adherence to environmental standards.

Check FORS Accreditations for your Supply Chain

We are pleased the latest update to ConstructAI: integration with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme aimed at raising the level of quality within fleet operations in the UK, promoting safety, efficiency, and environmental protection.

Find Contracts from the UK Government Portal

We’re excited to unveil the latest enhancement to ConstructAI: a direct integration to find data within the UK Government Contracts Finder portal. This update will transform the way ConstructAI users engage with the realm of government contracts, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to identifying opportunities.