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Make informed decisions and boost your productivity

Eliminate manual searching and save valuable time on-site with the advanced technologies of ConstructAI.

Knowledge Enhancement

Expand industry knowledge and skills. Leverage a vast database for detailed insights and guidance.

Make informed decisions and boost your productivity

Explore the first AI platform of its kind within the construction industry.

Intelligent Data

Retrieve information on building codes, regulations and safety guidelines through simple queries.

Improved Accuracy

Rate your responses to help us improve the accuracy of your answers.

Project Management

Increase your productivity with intelligent project management capabilities.

Dark Mode Enabled

Tailor your ConstructAI platform to better suit your style.

Multilingual Support

Equipped with natural language processing capabilities, to support workers in their native languages.

Projects and Contracts

  • Find contracts in on-line portals.
  • Effortless search and filtering.
  • Dive deep into the specifics of each contract, with details such as project scope and deadlines.

Language Translation Feature

  • Input your text into ConstructAI and receive a translated version in the language you need.
  • Building codes and safety guidelines made accessible to all.
  • Effective communication between colleagues from different linguistic backgrounds.

“Great product! I have used it on RAMS, traffic management plans and more!”

Sorin Mihai
Munnelly Support Services

“I’ve asked questions around UK legislation and it has performed very well!

Really helpful for our team.”

Joe Mitchell
Bridgehead Consultancy

“Just a fantastic resource for the construction industry.”

Jose Mattos
Munnelly Support Services

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